My name is Tamera Flowers Aponte. I am a native Floridian with a passion for crafts and ancestry. I am opinionated, strong-minded and very competitive. I drive my husband crazy with my famous words, “I can do it myself.” He says my tombstone will read, “Here lies Tamera Aponte, even in death she did it herself.” I have been very independant my whole life. I was always shorter and smaller than everyone and a very big tomboy. I think that’s why I’m so competitive – always having to prove myself.

I love business and love being self-employed, but I am a very terrible business person. I possess a talent called mercy and lack a talent called discernment. I feel sorry for everyone, believe what everyone says and since I lack the ability to know when you are lying, I give my time and material things away to people who probably don’t deserve it. Because of this, I closed my gift and event business down and now write as much as I can. I decided I am going to write a bestseller book and hide behind the pages while the publisher pushes the product. If it was me, I would probably give most of the books away for free because I want to make the world happy.

So, I hope you will join me on my crazy life and become the friend I never had as we shed some pounds and get a new lease on life!