Just in case you've never seen the Fall season in Florida!
Just in case you’ve never seen the Fall season in Florida!

Well, I didn’t crumble and didn’t fall off the face of the Earth, just frustrated. I weighed on Monday and I was 152. That is soooooo frustrating when I actually made it to 149. However, it wasn’t the best of weekends as I took my mom to a birthday dinner Saturday and of course had to show up at the Texas Roadhouse starving, which means I enjoyed a roll with butter and then some of the onion blossom that was set on the table. Saturday night I enjoyed a slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake because dumb me bought a box at Sam’s Club and I adore the white chocolate blueberry cheesecake. Sunday I rode with my husband to a service call and both of us were starving when he got done so we found the first place, which happened to be a Chinese buffet. So the result of all of this wasn’t just the fact that I gained three pounds, but I felt so bad when I got up Sunday morning, just like a Mack truck hit me in the face. I hate that horrible feeling and don’t miss it at all. I have that feeling every single day when I don’t eat Paleo due to my poor sinuses and allergies at optimum torture.

While I still felt like utter crap on Monday, I was definitely back on track and frustrated when I stepped on the scale that morning. I have ate well since Monday and have enjoyed my crispy chicken thighs, salmon, veggies, and chicken salad. The salmon was prepared with an Allrecipes recipe of maple glazed salmon. It was absolutely delicious. The chicken thighs I prepared in the oven by putting them on the top shelf and baking at 400 for one hour. I love how the tops of the skin get so crispy. The best thing is, it’s chicken thighs so they aren’t dry either. I didn’t have time Sunday to do prep work, so I have done very well with the simple things I made this week. A friend of mine has recommended the Instant Pot, which cooks your food in a very short amount of time. I will be looking into buying this soon, as I have seen numerous recipes that are Paleo using an Instant Pot.

Tuesday afternoon a woman messages me on Facebook because I liked her picture she had posted. It was some Fall challenge post. I live in Florida so we don’t know what the Fall season is, but you still get into the thought of Fall with pumpkin spices and the aroma of cinnamon, apples, and more. After talking and getting through everything regarding the challenge I realize she is a Beach Body coach. She didn’t push anything hard on me and I enjoyed our conversation. She is a former attorney, highly intelligent and appealed to me immediately because I learned she doesn’t have her thyroid. Before I get to this lady, if you have thyroid disease you feel my frustration when it comes to losing weight and trying to feel good. So when I meet people like her or like Jillian Michaels, anyone who found optimum health regardless of their thyroid function, I am immediately intrigued.

So back to this lady named Lori. She is very encouraging, motivating, and a big help. She found out I have the Piyo dvd, which also means I know about Shakeology. I did my research and I like all the stuff that Shakeology has, but I am not willing to come off my wallet for that amount of money. It is very tempting, but I can’t see spending $130 a month for only me to drink shakes all month. I have a son in wrestling at his high school and I think he would benefit from the vitamins, minerals, and protein. I would also like my husband to drink some as well. After some searching I settled on the brand Vega One. I was impressed with the amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and greens they offered. For half the price my house will enjoy the shakes.

This is my third morning drinking a shake for breakfast and I have to say I really feel good. I have been having some terrible exhaustion, but I truly think this is due to a few things: My thyroid levels aren’t the best right now, I don’t take any type of vitamins because of having interstitial cystitis (I hate having to pee every 15 minutes due to my bladder becoming inflamed from the vitamins), and I am in menopause. Shoot, Tuesday night when I got home from work I decided to lay down for a quick cat nap only to sleep for two and a half hours. I hate not having the motivation to do anything when I get home, not even exercise, I just feel like a zombie. However, I can honestly say I am not feeling that for these past two days.

By the way, when I did weigh this morning I weighed 150, so at least the weight is coming off again. I know it will continue to come off, just not as quick as I would like. So back to Lori again, she asked me yesterday about joining her challenge, which is definitely not in my budget right now. I really do not want to purchase any shakes. Who knows, maybe later when I am rich J! I did purchase a 21-day fix. I get some recipes, containers for food portioning, a dvd, I can’t remember everything. It cost $60, which I am willing to part with because I do see the benefit. So soon I will have these cute little portion containers and I will let you know how that works for me.

So my plans this weekend —– school work, prep food for next week, ride with my husband on the motorcycle, clean some house, maybe actually exercise for the first time in a while, and drink some shakes. The shakes are flaring up my IC (interstitial cystitis), but it doesn’t last long and that is the sacrifice I am willing to make in order to get some energy in my body.

So if you have any opinions or advice on what I had to say today please feel free to comment. I will let you know what I wind up cooking this weekend. I am still in love with Julie Bauer right now, so I am sure it will probably be from her cookbook!