Our family cookout this weekend.

This was a great food and family weekend! My brother and his family are down from New Jersey visiting so we had a cookout. I wanted to be able to show my family some great HEALTHY food! After pouring over all the recipes I settled on Julie Bauer’s Buffalo Chicken Casserole, her Apple Cinnamon Muffins, and her “Peanut Butter” and Jelly Ice Cream. Since I had a ton of prep for shish kabobs on the grill I also made her fish tacos from her new Paleo Cookbook the night before for dinner. I wasn’t planning on making all of Julie’s recipes, but I am glad I did. She pops flavor in everything she makes. It takes a special palate to cook up dishes like this.

I was thinking about making numerous recipes from the same Paleo contributor for a full meal then I only talk about that person, like how Julie Bauer gets my attention today. I crave full flavor in my meals so I was so impressed with everything I made. I bought her new cookbook the other day, because she kept tempting me with her Buffalo Chicken Casserole which looked absolutely delicious. Everyone in my house thought it was chicken dip instead of a side dish. I was so proud to give them such a great selection of food. My older brother even made the comment all the food I made takes nothing like “diet” food. Now, that’s a compliment!

Only variation I made to Julie Bauer’s recipe was I left my stupid grocery list at home when I headed to the store, so I wound up using almond butter for her ice cream recipe instead of the sunflower seed butter and I didn’t use any jam. Then I didn’t make apple cinnamon muffins, only a loaf cake because my lazy butt didn’t want to pour batter into each individual cup. Everything really did turn out outstanding and my family was definitely impressed. My brothers decided the ice cream would make an excellent coffee creamer, so we wound up with four cups of coffee filled with my ice cream creamer. Yet another perfect compliment.

I haven’t lost any weight this weekend, but I ate a lot yesterday and had plenty of carbs thanks to sweet potatoes, almond butter ice cream, my apple cake, and finishing off with a smoothie in the evening. No worries because I do still feel good and I am looking forward to the new week. I am going to work on cutting back on my carb intake this week, because it truly is a bit much when you are looking to lose weight. So, still fat, sassy, and a whole lot happy!