Oh my Lord! That’s all I could say when I read how long it was since my last post.

As I sit here enjoying my lunch, eating a delicious Paleo Stuffed Sweet Potato (recipe courtesy of Danielle Walker from Against All Grain) I think back to my situation two weeks ago. However, before I get to that, I am sooooooo ashamed I haven’t been here in one whole year! And guess what? I weigh 151 after thankfully having lost four pounds of inflammation in the past two weeks. I was five pounds heavier than exactly one year ago.

I got a new job around this time last year and have been stressed ever since. I love my job, but its demands, the demands of school, and top that dessert off with buying a new house, I am definitely in worse shape than I was last year. Two weeks ago I lost a whole night’s sleep with my stomach nauseous and my back throbbing. I went to the doctor’s the next day and was directed to urgent care to be checked for a kidney stone. No kidney stones, but my stomach is so inflamed near my pancreas the doctor couldn’t tell if I had pancreatitis or ulcers. After another hour passes I discover I don’t have pancreatitis, but the doctor is pretty sure I have ulcers.

After reading about ulcers it made total sense. My sensitivity to chocolate was the biggest indicator or if I had any sugar, both of them caused me a ton of stomach pain. This definitely was my kick-in-the-head moment as I was in so much pain and completely miserable. I had already been miserable for a long time as I have ate well then ate bad over and over again. I love Paleo recipes and cook them quite often. My problem though are lunch meetings that involve fried chicken tenders, or buffalo boneless wings, or bread with that lovely dipping oil, and quite possibly an ice cream cone here and there.

I have also found a great relaxation technique these past three months as I float around my pool on the weekend at night with my husband enjoying a glass of Fireball Whiskey on the rocks. And sometimes it will be Friday night and then again Saturday night. Alcohol can wreak havoc on a terrible stomach along with my regular doses of Ibuprofen or Naproxen. Who knew NSAIDS were bad for me? Let’s just say I am creating the perfect cocktail of destruction on my body.

While my stomach isn’t perfect, it is definitely better than it was two weeks ago. I know it doesn’t take much to send it in a tailspin. I truly have made the decision (I know – a year later!) to change my ways. I really don’t want to die from a bleeding ulcer. I also know the more that time passes, and the older I get, things are going to take a harder toll on my health.

Who knows how ulcers happen in individuals. I mean, obviously there is too much acid. Buy why? My doctor believes most are primarily due to allergies. I have to agree with him in that matter, because I know when I ate strict Paleo I had absolutely no problems, I didn’t even take my allergy meds. However, when I eat carbs and bad foods that I shouldn’t, my face is a swollen and puffy mess every day as I wake up feeling like crap.

So, while we aren’t all the same, I would hope my journey is somewhat of an eye opener to someone else. I have hypothyroidism, I am perimenopause, I suffer from chronic sinusitis, my allergies are always in an uproar, and I have ulcers. None of these are a benefit to me, but I can’t let them get me down or stop me from doing what I need to do, which is eat better and lose the weight I need to lose. I would hope you feel the same about yourself and find that kick-in-the-head moment to finally do something about it!

Here is Danielle Walker’s recipe for the Stuffed Sweet Potato: