150 pounds – sshhhhh, but don’t tell my husband!!! I am 5’1″ and overweight. I am so, so mad at myself, because I know what it takes to lose, but I find myself eating things I shouldn’t. I promised myself I would lose back in April, because beach season was coming – but I didn’t. I have been doing this to myself now for the past two years. I say today is the day so many times I have lost count.

I learned about eating paleo and primal back in 2011. It was wonderful and I found myself with a new lease on life. I noticed all my aches and pains going away, the pounds whittling away and a new woman emerging. Fast forward, I currently read all my favorite bloggers, still cook paleo meals, but also cheat, eat and cheat some more.

I am so addicted to sugar that I can’t say no once I start. I see sites and comments where people will say to allow yourself a cheat meal – that’s not me. I will see where they say allow yourself that donut – that’s not me. Once I start all games are off! It’s not that I spend my day gorging on a dozen doughnuts and feeling miserable because I don’t do that. Instead it’s eating four Tootsie Rolls in the evening because I am creating party favors. Then the next day it’s stopping by McDonald’s for a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. Then the next day it’s starving when I walk in the door and instead of taking the time to make a salad, it’s grabbing the bag of Doritos and eating a handful to satisfy my stomach. I truly think sugars and carbs are my alcoholism, they are my drug, once I start I can’t stop and then I have to find my way back to rehab.

So now I am rehabbing. I am putting my life out there on blast for the world to see, because that’s what we do now in our time. We want the world to recognize and see us. Mine is more about accountability. If you see me, the big me, the raw me then I have no excuse. I am only going to let myself down again if I turn back.

I have many strikes against me, which makes it more difficult to lose weight. I have passed the 40 mark. I will be 42 in November and your metabolism slows down after 40. I have hypothyroidism, which means my metabolism and my immune system takes a big hit. Obesity, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, gut problems and many other ailments run in my family. However, none of these things should ever hold a person back. I hate it when people give up and accept their life for the way it is.

So today is a new day and YES, today is the day it is going to change. I truly hope I find support on here and you join me. And I hope when it’s all said and done I become your inspiration and you become mine.

My pictures are coming soon!